Drugs, and How They Get That Way

Denise Denton has recently retired from 45 years as a Prevention Specialist with Youth and Shelter Services in Ames. Twenty-nine of those years were spent concurrently as an Associate Teaching Professor at Iowa State University where she taught classes in Drug Education and Substance Abuse Prevention. Denise currently works as a trainer and consultant addressing those issues noted above as well as youth and community development.

Every drug has a “job description” which defines what that substance does and how it does it. This presentation will discuss and describe the different categories of psychoactive substances, their histories and qualities and the cognitive, physical and emotional impact they have on both the individuals and communities who are exposed to them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify the three major categories of psychoactive substances
  2. To identify the specific psychoactive substances within the three categories
  3. To identify the characteristics of psychoactive substances and their impact on physical, emotional and cognitive behavior and/or health.


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