Poster Session

On Demand Poster Sessions

Looking for more? During all breaks, take advantage of our on-demand poster sessions. Select a poster for viewing, and either view the pdf or a short video presentation about the subject.

“Integrating Hybrid-Flexible Course Delivery with General Education Computer Science Courses”
Benjamin Bernard, Jeremy Straub (North Dakota University)

“Development and Assessment of Courses in Defensive Security and Ethical Hacking”
Pann Ajjimaporn, Jeremy Straub (North Dakota University)

“Experiments on the Neurocognition of Creativity”
Rafał Jończyk (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland), Danielle Dickson (Pennsylvania State University, USA), Gül E. Kremer (Iowa State University, USA), Zahed Siddique (University of Oklahoma, USA), Janet G. vanHell (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

“The Challenges of Engineering Education, Engineering Practice, Code of Ethics, and Social Justice”
Rachel Shannon (Iowa State University), Mani Mina (Iowa State University)

“Development of Critical Consciousness Scale for Civil Engineering Students”
Tonmoy Sarker (Iowa State University), Dr. Cristina Poleacovschi (Iowa State University), Dr. Mollie Appelgate (Iowa State University), Dr. Kate Swalwell (Iowa State University), Dr. Christa Jackson (Iowa State University), Dr. Kristen Cetin (Michigan State University)

“A TRIZ-based Tool for Remanufacturing Using Additive Manufacturing: RE-AM-TRIZ”
Edward Rojas (Iowa State University), Eric Exner (Iowa State University), Kundan Paudyal (Iowa State University), Omar Al-Araidah, Gül Okudan Kremer (Iowa State University)

“Lemons to Lemonade: Refining an Active Learning Course for Delivery During a Pandemic”
Jeremy Straub (North Dakota State University)

“3D Printing Carboxymethyl Cellulose for Targeted Drug Delivery”
Hunter Barnhart
Major Professor: Hantang Qin, Xiaolei Shi
Graduate Student/Postdoc Mentor: Xuepeng Jiang, Yiliang Cheng

“Adding a Seat at the Table: Utilizing Course Based Undergraduate Research Experiences to Motivate Women to Attend Graduate School”
Ellie Helton
Major Professor: Richard Stone

“Design of Virtual Environments for Spatial Navigation Testing”
Nathan Sepich and Grace Freed
Major Professor: Stephen Gilbert

“Developing a Testbed for Human-Agent Teams”
Elizabeth Cavanah and Ruben Arias
Major Professor: Steven Gilbert and Michael C. Dorneich

“Electrodermal Activity Experiment to Enhance Divergent Thinking in Engineering Students”
Shibani Raje, Jonah Scallon, Liyuani Tapia, Jenna Teberg, and Jeff Chu
Major Professor: Gül Kremer
Graduate Student/Postdoc Mentor: Elif Elcin Gunay

“Evaluating Supply Chain Resource Limits From News Articles and Earnings Call Transcripts: An Application of Integrated Factor Analysis and Analytical Network Process”
Chih-Yuan Chu, Elif E. Gunay, and Omar Al-Araidah
Major Professor: Gül Kremer

“Optimal Farm Management to Reduce Nutrient Loss Under Uncertainty”
Erin Starkey
Major Professor: Sarah Ryan
Graduate Student/Postdoc Mentor: Görkem Emirhüseyinoglu

“A Simulation-based Optimization Approach for Improving Response in Multi-trait Genomic Selection”
Saba Moeinizade
Major Professor: Guiping Hu

“Systematic Communication Objectives and Telecommunications Technology Investigations and Evaluations”
Leilani Hammel
Major Professor: Steven Gilbert
Graduate Student/Postdoc Mentor: Charles Peasley