To match the needs of our speakers and attendees, we have moved the conference to a completely virtual format.  The conference will be hosted in a Zoom platform, and you will be emailed connection details on Monday, October 12th, or if registering after this date, the day of your registration.

Oct 15
8:40 am Login Access Available

9:00 am Welcome and Announcements

Mike Kessler, North Midwest Section Chair, ASEE

9:10 am Keynote: The Future of Engineering Education: What 21st Scientists Need to Be Successful

Dr. Stephanie G. Adams, Dean of the Eric Jonson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas, Dallas

10:10 am Stretch Break and Poster Session

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Session A: Course Assessment and Evaluation

Moderator:  Byron Garry, South Dakota State University

10:20 am Building Student Persistence with the Use of Real-Time Feedback on Design Problems

John A. Mirth (St. Cloud State University)

10:40 am Correlation of Student Participation in Practice Exams and Actual Exam Performance

Antonette T. Cummings (University of Wisconsin – Platteville)

11:00 am Correlating Mechanics of Materials Student Performance with Scores of a Test over Pre-requisite Material

Nicolas Alan Smith, Roy Y. Myose, and Elizabeth Rollins (Wichita State University)

11:20 am A Hybrid Mechanics of Materials Course Part 1: Evolution of the Course to Improve Student Performance and Retention

Roy Y. Myose (Wichita State University), Foo Ngai Kok (University of Southampton – Malaysia), and Elizabeth Rollins (Wichita State University)

11:40 am Summer Engagement in Cyber Undergraduate Research Experiences (SECURE)

Douglas W. Jacobson, Diane T. Rover, Joseph Zambreno, and Allegra Frickel (Iowa State University)

12:00 pm Q and A: Session A

12:30 pm Learn & Lunch: Faculty and Student Perceptions on Shared Teaching Materials for Advanced Manufacturing (STAM): Building Momentum Through Workshops

Presented by Richard Wysk (North Carolina State University)
Moderated by Gul Kremer

Session B: Curriculum Development

Moderator: Sriram Sundarajan, Iowa State University

1:30 pm Work in Progress: Building Innovative Curricula for Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Mount Union

Okechukwu Ugweje and Chad S. Korach (University of Mount Union)

1:50 pm Work in Progress: Revising a Portfolio Initiative to Assess Student Progress in a Mechanical Engineering Program

Nancy B. Barr (Michigan Technological University)

2:20 pm Developing a Substation Design Curriculum for Electronics Engineering Technology Program

Filipe Araujo and Erik A. Mayer (Pittsburg State University)

2:40 pm Q and A Discussion- Curriculum Development Part 1 Q and A

3:00 pm Talking about Inclusion in Times of Isolation

Moderator: Richard Stone, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, (IMSE, Iowa State University
Samuel Easterling (Dean, College of Engineering, Iowa State University)
Jo Kim (Student Panelist, Iowa State University)
Ellie Helton (Student Panelist, Iowa State University)
Kristina Schaffhausen (Student Panelist, Iowa State University)

3:50 pm Break and Poster Session

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Session B: Curriculum Development Part 2

Moderator: Jay Wierer, Milwaukee School of Engineering

4:00 pm A Community of Practice Approach to Integrating Professional Skills Training with Graduate Thesis Research

Shan Jiang, Anne M. Gansemer-Topf, Nigel Forest Reuel, Gül E. Okudan-Kremer, Qing Li, and Rebecca Mort (Iowa State University))

4:20 pm Implementing Professional Skills Training in STEM: A Review of the Literature

Ann M. Gansemer-Topf, Qing Li, Shan Jiang, Gül E. Okudan-Kremer, Nigel Forest Reuer, and Rebecca Mort (Iowa State University)

4:40 pm Industrial Experience and Disciplinary Knowledge Impact on Creative Outcomes in a Making Context: A Case Study of Graduate Level Industrial Engineering Course

Wafa Batayneh (Jordan University of Science and Technology), Richard Stone, and Gül Okudan Kremer (Iowa State University)

5:00 pm Q and A Discussion- Session B Part 2 Q and A

5:20 pm Conclude for the day

Conference Co-chairs: Suzette Burckhard and Gül E. Kremer

Oct 16
Session C: Social Aspects Impacting Engineering Education

Moderator:  Nancy Barr, Michigan Tech University

9:00 am Critical and Liberative Theories: Applications in Engineering Education

Corin L. Bowen (University of Michigan) and Aaron W. Johnson (University of Colorado-Boulder)

9:20 am Proposing an Engineering Gendered Racial Microaggression Scale

Arielle True-Funk and Cristina Poleacovschi (Iowa State University), Gloria Jones-Johnson, Scott Grant Feinstein, and Meghan Berger (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)

9:40 am The Investigation of the Relationship Between Emotional Engagement and Creativity

Elif Elcin Gunay, Chih-Yuan Chu, Liyuani De Jesus Delgado Tapia, Omar ElMenoufy, Ani Yam, Shibani Raje,  (Iowa State University), Rafal Jonczyk (Adam Mickiewicz University) Danielle Dickson and Janet Van Hell (Pennsylvania State University), Zahed Siddique (University of Oklahoma) Gül E. Okudan-Kremer (Iowa State University)

10:00 am Q and A Discussion

10:20 am Break and On Demand Poster Session

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Session D, Part 1: COVID Influenced Teaching

Moderator: Suzette Burckhard, South Dakota State University

10:45 am A Comparison of Platform Configurations for Robotics Development within ROS2, Raspberry Pi, and Webots

Katherine Gisi, Diane T. Rover, and Philip H. Jones (Iowa State University)

11:05 am A Hybrid Mechanics of Materials Course Part 2: Study of the Effect of a Sudden Change to Fully Online Format

Roy Y. Myose and Elizabeth Rollins (Wichita State University)

11:25 am Q and A: Session D Part 1 Speakers

11:45 am Learn and Lunch: Discussion on Teaching Challenges during COVID

Led by Kenneth W. Van Treuren ASEE Zone III Chair, Baylor University and Suzette Burchard, South Dakota State University
Moderator: Suzette Burckhard, South Dakota State University


Session D, Part 2: COVID Influenced Teaching

Moderator: Diane Rover, Iowa State University


1:00 pm Work In Progress: An Augmented Reality Multimedia Learning Platform Assisting Online Lecture Delivery of Engineering Classes: an HVAC Course

Houjun Yang, Jiaming Zhao, Tianyi Liang, Siqing Zheng (North Dakota State University), Nikolas Kukert (Target Corporation), and Jun Kong (North Dakota State University)

1:20 pm A New Method for Biomechanical Data Acquisition in Remote Laboratory Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ahmed M. Sayed (Milwaukee School of Engineering)

1:40 pm Staying Connected - Interactive Student Learning during the COVID Transition to Remote Learning

Jeffrey A. Starke, Margaret L. McNamara, Richard J. Povinelli, Daniela Castillo-Perez, and Noelle Brigham (Marquette University)

2:00 pm NSF Funding Opportunities to Advance Engineering Education

Moderator: Mike Kessler, Dean, NDSU and North Midwest Section Chair, ASEE
Abby Illumoka & John Jackman National Science Foundation

3:15 pm Closing Remarks

Conference Co-chairs: Suzette Burckhard and Gül E. Kremer