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In an effort to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVD-19, this conference was postponed. Thank you for your patience while the planning committee selected new dates. The new date is October 13, 2020. If you registered before the dates were changed and did not cancel your registration, you will be automatically registered for the new dates. If you cannot attend on the October 13, 2020, please contact requesting cancellation by April 30, 2020 and you will receive a full refund. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncertain times.


Financial Failure - The High Cost of Not Knowing

Geotechnical engineers predict the outcome of their design. The uncertainty with design occurs from the accuracy of the test and method and the variability of the soil properties. When the engineer chooses tests that are poor predictors, then he/she will believe that the site is highly variable, and his/her design tends to be too safe, overly conservative, and costly to the owner. When the tests do not measure the soil properties needed for accurate design and rely on correlations that have high uncertainty and high standard deviations, financial failure occurs. The owner pays for foundation systems that are not needed. Beta probability distribution curves illustrate financial failure.

It’s a Winter Wonderland - NOT! Cold Weather Impacts on Low Volume Roads

Many county roads in Iowa were impassable for several weeks during the spring-thaw period due to frost-boil formations, lack of drainage, etc. This presentation will cover the latest developments in geotechnical aspects of pavement systems to deal with and mitigate such situations in the future.

Field Verification of Iowa DOT Pavement Foundation Design Parameters using Automated Plate Load Testing (APLT)

Automated Plate Load Testing (APLT) is an advanced testing method developed to provide direct measurement of pavement foundation design-modulus values used in design of highways, airfields, and railroads. In this paper, the different mechanistic design input parameter values are described and the corresponding in situ APLT testing methods along with example test results are provided for Iowa DOT projects.

Hard Conversations - An Ethics Case Study in the Destructive Power of Conflict Avoidance and the Redemptive Power of Honesty

How do you repair the damage to your reputation and credibility of a major ethical breach committed by one of your employees? Join Mike Yost and Aaron Mann from Terracon who will take you through a case study of one former employee who was willing to do nearly anything to avoid confrontation and how the company was able to prove its true ethical colors in how it responded.

Overview of Ground Improvement for the CBIS Program in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Ground Improvement Use on CBIS Program including Rigid Inclusions, Surcharge and Wick drains, and light weight Foam Concrete. The topic will cover, planning, design, construction and instrumentation and monitoring.