Diagnostic Stewardship

 Dan Diekema

Dr. Daniel Diekema is Vice Chair for Research and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. He is also a Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa, where he served as a director for the Division of Infectious Diseases from 2010-2021. Dr. Diekema received his MD at Vanderbilt University in 1989. He did his residency in internal medicine at the University of Virginia (1989-1992). He did his fellowships in infectious diseases (1992-1995) and medical microbiology (1998-2000) at the University of Iowa. Also while at the University of Iowa, he received his master of science in preventive medicine. As a hospital epidemiologist, infectious diseases clinician and a clinical microbiologist, Dr. Diekema has studied and published extensively on the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance and health care-associated infections. Dr. Diekema is a past president of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, and was also a member and co-chair of the CDC Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee.