Core Principles of Antimicrobial Stewardship Across One Health

Paul Plummer

Dr. Paul Plummer is Executive Director of NIAMRRE as well as the Associate Dean of Research, Professor and Anderson Endowed Chair in Veterinary Science in Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. His academic role as both a board-certified food animal internal medicine and infectious disease specialist coupled with a PhD in veterinary microbiology, and his leadership of an active research laboratory, place him at the intersection of translational research focused on AMR. In addition, he serves as a Chair and voting member of the Presidential Advisory Council for Combating Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria (PAC-CARB) and serves on the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee on Antimicrobials.

Session Description
In this session, we will review One Health approaches to antimicrobial stewardship with the purpose of learning across health sectors with interprofessional education. Learners will be able to explain similarities and differences between antimicrobial stewardship strategies across One Health.