A Toolkit for Implementing an AMS Program in Iowa’s Small Animal Practices

Jenna Bjork

Dr. Bjork has been a Lead Public Health Veterinarian at the Center for Food Security and Public Health since 2021. At CFSPH, Dr. Bjork is involved in several educational projects focusing on zoonotic, emerging, and transboundary diseases of animals. Prior to working at CFSPH, Dr. Bjork earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota and dual DVM/MPH degrees from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. Her professional experience also includes working as a Vectorborne Disease Epidemiologist and companion animal veterinarian. Dr. Bjork is passionate about promoting the health of all people, domestic and wild animals, as well as our natural resources.

Session Description
This session will improve skills for writing and implementing an antimicrobial stewardship policy. Learners will be able to explain why small animal veterinary practices in Iowa should develop an AMS Program, identify five guiding principles of AMS Programs in veterinary practices, and describe how to find existing AMS resources for veterinary practices in Iowa.