To better assist you in planning for the virtual conference, you can review a full list of presentations by track and area.  Below you will find additional information about our invited speakers and their expertise.

Herman J Woltring Memorial Lecture

Dr. Kenton Kaufman

W. Hall Wendel, Jr., Musculoskeletal Research Professor, Mayo Clinic

Lecture has been re-scheduled to be presented at the 2022 Symposium in Tokyo Japan.

Invited Speakers

Dr. Tishya Wren

How 3D gait analysis improves patient care

Professor of Research Orthopaedic Surgery and Radiology and Director of Research for the Children's Orthopaedic Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Stephen Robinovitch

Quantifying movement profiles from planar video of real-life falls in older adults

Professor, Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr. Nachiappan Chockalingam

Patterns of coordination, control and variability to understand human movement: the way forward in clinical gait analysis

Professor of Clinical Biomechanics, School of Life Science and Education, Staffordshire University, UK

Dr. Paola Contessa

Context-aware sensing solutions for tracking human movement

Assistant Director Of Research at Delsys Inc.

Dr. Wendy Murray

Biomechanics, the upper limb, and clinical questions: Can we help?

Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Northwestern University