Save a Child thru Farm Safety Education Programs

Did you know that about every 3 days a child dies due to an agriculture-related incident, while every day around 33 children are injured in these incidents? From animals and ATV/UTVs to tractors and machinery, many of these incidents could have been prevented with safe practices in place. We’ve compiled a group of farm safety organizations to share tips on organizing and promoting educational programs, resources to use with youth or adults, and alternative delivery ideas. The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day (PAF Safety Day) program provides an age-appropriate, hands-on experience where youth learn to be safer and healthier. Participants will be introduced to the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program’s three unique delivery modes, learn how to get involved, and provide an overview of training, planning, curriculum, and other resources. The National Farm Medicine Center, Iowa Center for Ag Safety and Health, and Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center will also be involved in the seminar and will send you home ready to protect your farmers and youth from farm accidents.