Preparing for Foreign Animal Diseases

HEADLINE: Foot and Mouth Disease Strikes the US!! Are you and your county or area prepared to handle an outbreak of a foreign animal disease? We need to be!

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has significantly changed how the poultry industry operates. African Swine Fever is a major threat to our US pork industry and is already frighteningly close to our southern border. And an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease will forever change the meat supply chain as well as our livelihoods. Join this group of animal health experts as we explore the risk potential of foreign animal diseases, learn lessons from Avian influenza outbreaks, learn how the U.S. Swine Health Improvement Plan and the National Poultry Improvement Plan are helping their industries prepare, and explore additional resources available to help our livestock producers before and after an outbreak. Also participate in a discussion about the role and responsibilities of Extension staff and partners to help prepare our producers, as well as a short presentation on carcass disposal following mass euthanasia.

Speakers include Dr. James Roth, Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Director of the Center for Food Security and Public Health, Dr. Christopher Rademacher, Clinical Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Yuko Sato, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Danelle Bickett-Weddle, Preventalytics, and Dr. Kapil Arora, Extension Engineer, all from Iowa State University, and Dr. Jeff Kaisand, State Veterinarian for Iowa.