Fun Times for Life Member and Spouse Tours

Over 40 life members and spouses enjoyed two tour stops on Monday afternoon. The first tour stop was the Iowa State Capitol, commonly called the Iowa Statehouse, in Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines. As the seat of the Iowa General Assembly, the building houses the Senate, House of Representative, Governor’s office, and several other elected officials. The architectural design of the Capitol, rectangular in form, with great windows and high ceilings, follows the traditional modified and refined Renaissance style.

Iowa State Capitol.

(Iowa Capitol, courtesy of the Iowa Tourism Office.)

The second tour stop was the Hall of Laureates and World Food Prize Foundation. Since 1987, the World Food Prize laureate award ceremony is held annually in October in the House of Representatives chamber of the statehouse. The ceremony rivals that of the Nobel Prize, drawing over 800 people from more than 75 countries.

Both buildings are within walking distance of the Iowa Events Center. They also can be seen throughout the Des Moines skyline.