Tuesday Night at the Iowa State Fair Promises to be Memorable

Well, well, well, here is something we’ve been waiting to share with you … the Iowa State Fair! Get ready for a night of fun, entertainment and delectable treats at America’s most iconic state fair!

Are you ready for the Iowa State Fair? Everything you need for the ‘Best Days Ever’ is in your Iowa State Fair packet. The state fair envelope you received includes bus fare ticket, admission ticket and food vouchers! Just make sure you take a little time to review the information ahead of time. Remember to wear your NACAA button so you can easily spot and connect with other NACAA members while enjoying the fair!

How to Get There

After the conference sessions conclude on Tuesday afternoon, make your way to the Hilton Hotel, Level 2, Cloud Ballroom pre-function area. Guides will help you get to the nearby DART bus stop. If you know your way around, feel free to go directly to the DART ‘Center Street Park and Ride’ one block west of the convention center and near the corner of Center Street and 7th Street. Iowa State Fair butter cow.

You’ll arrive on the west side of the fairgrounds at Gate 10.  We’d love to welcome your arrival at the air-conditioned and recently renovated 4-H Exhibit Building located in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds.

Pro Tip: Grab a group photo at one of four amazing Iowa State Fair murals just inside the gate!

What to Do at the Fair

Yes, there’s an app for that! In your packet, you’ll see a QR code you can scan to get the Iowa State Fair app. This is a great way to view an updated schedule, find your favorite foods, and learn more about the fair. You will also find a printed brochure in your packet that includes some excellent advice on how to spend your time wisely.

You won’t want to miss the 4-H Exhibit Building and the Agriculture Building so go there early. Most buildings close at 8 p.m. If you would like to see a livestock show you’re in luck; horses and 4-H beef will be in the ring Tuesday evening. If you are a souvenir hunter, you could easily walk right by the barely noticeable Horner Service Center; but once inside, you’ll find the best souvenirs from the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation. If you love 80s rock, head on over to the Hairball free concert.

Look for Iowans with the blue and white NACAA conference cap at the fair and we will be glad to answer your questions and assist you in any way. Emergency phone numbers are listed in your packet in case they are needed.

With your packet in hand, you’re ready to have the ‘Best Day Ever’ at the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday evening!

What to Eat

1.1 million annual visitors aren’t wrong, prepare yourself and your taste buds for an adventure.  Indulge in classic fair favorites like corn dogs and funnel cakes, or try one of the 64 new fair foods that are deep fried, full of bacon and commonly found on a stick! The number one food is the famous State Fair cookies! Don’t forget your state fair packet includes $25 of food vouchers good at any food vendor on the fairgrounds.

The evening promises to be filled with joy and lifelong memories. Connect with fellow conference attendees, forge new friendships and celebrate the spirit of Iowa. Just don’t forget to board a bus for the ride home before midnight!