ARPAS Testing

The ARPAS exam is for becoming a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. The exam is animal, or species, based depending on your expertise(s) – Your choice. You can have multiple areas of expertise, just take the exam for that area.

School Students hands taking exams, writing examination holding pencil on optical form of standardized test, by By smolaw11.

ARPAS membership registration can be in one or more of the following species/product areas: Aquaculture; Beef Cattle; Companion Animals; Dairy Cattle; Horses; Goats; Laboratory Animals; Poultry; Sheep; Swine; Meat Science; Dairy Product Science; and Poultry Product Science. Also, members can be ‘Board Certified’ with additional exams.


Testing will occur:  

Wednesday, August 16

Iowa Events Center, Room 311

Please send an email to Karl Hoppe at for questions regarding testing.