The Tours Committee Welcomes you to Iowa!

Yes, welcome to Iowa in August – where we ask the question – ‘is it the heat or the humidity?’ More on that later.  

We have some great tours for you. For example, some of you will visit iconic ag names like John Deere, Kinze and Pioneer Hi-Bred. Others of you will visit the sites where Iowa movies were filmed – like the Bridges of Madison County. The Field of Dreams baseball field is another great movie site in Iowa. However, you will have to visit the Field of Dreams site before or after the conference, as it is not an actual tour stop.   

Other tours will visit dairy, cattle, horse and crop farms where you will experience the scenes, sights and sounds of production agriculture in Iowa. Also, some of you will visit some of our great natural resources – and maybe even see some bison. Water quality research and environmental impact research will highlight other tours.  

Watch for an email from your tour hosts. They will have advice for you on tour day clothing and shoes. And a few tours require preregistration information to expedite the tour check in process.  

Some tours are full, and some tours have very limited ability to substitute. However, check at the registration desk with your questions – and we will see what we can do.  

And to answer the Iowa weather question – it is the heat AND the humidity!